The Heart Grows Fonder

Another year has come and gone and it’s become abundantly clear that change is inevitable and transitions are to be embraced. As a luscious spring unfurled before us, we temporarily excused ourselves from the farmer’s market circuit here on the north coast to focus our efforts on supplying our local markets, cafés, and delis with our tasty treats, both savory and sweet.

Once we ensured that shelves were brimming with our delectable goods, we bid adieu to the absence from our local farmer’s market and swiftly dove back into the wonderful community gathering at the Fort Bragg Certified Farmer’s Market. In addition to serving the wonderful folks of the north coast at this market, we’ve been afforded the privilege of catering various local events, from First Friday festivities to Winesong and a plethora of celebrations in between.

As time goes by and our presence expands, it’s you we have to thank. We’re so grateful for the show of support both in and outside of our rural abode here on the coast. Every day we’re afforded the privilege of interacting with our community, conscientiously growing and sourcing  amazing ingredients, and transforming said ingredients into tasty treats is a reminder of how fortunate we are to have such independence.

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